Ashton Kutcher discusses Uber ratings and being a father with Jimmy Kimmel

When Jimmy Kimmel invited Ashton Kutcher for a chat on Monday night, you probably wouldn’t expect the two of them to talk about Uber! And yet, they did. The actor compared the rating he’s got from Uber drivers with that of the host and the outcome was hilarious.

Kimmel ‘beat’ Kutcher by 0.01 stars, but both of them had some awkward Uber stories to share. The actor also explained how tipping the driver is not really in tune with the company’s philosophy. Kimmel then said laughing, “That’s why my rating’s higher than yours!” Right?!

Kutcher talked about his daughter with Mila Kunis, as well, pointing out that he’s not ready to bring sugar into her life just yet! Although that makes sense, comparing her to Donald Trump (sort of), clearly doesn’t! But I get his point. Either way, she sounds adorable.


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