Muse flew their drones again and it was magical

I don’t believe I’ve said this before, but I don’t really love writing gig reviews. It’s not that I hate it; it’s just that I can hardly ever fully put to words the ambiance of the night or my feelings of joy and pure bliss. That is when I am having a good time, of course.

And yesterday was one of those nights, so I will try and describe it as best as I can! To start from the beginning, I’ve been meaning to go to a Muse concert since 2007, when I saw them live in Athens. The problem there was I was too far from the stage. So I promised to myself that, next time, it would be different.

There you go; only nine years later (I can’t believe it took me so long), the timing was finally right, so I attended the Drones World Tour at the O2 Arena. I love all of Muse’s albums, although their early years were my favourite – a lot of fans will surely agree. However, I actually like Drones, even though the record could not possibly compete with the likes of Showbiz and Absolution.

Still, I was dying to go to that gig, which is why I had booked the tickets months ago. And so I did. As expected, Muse were brilliant. I realised that the setlist was never going to be what I wished for, since they can no longer play all of their older songs; but even so, I loved how it turned out, including some of my favourite Drones tracks, like The Handler, as well as some unexpected classics like Bliss. (Although I saw that they played Citizen Erased on the 11th… Arghhh!)

But when it comes down to why this concert made me happy overall, I’d say it’s the whole concept of this album, which was also deeply encoded in the show. I loved every minute of it. And what’s not to love?

Fake drones flying over our heads, a ‘dildrone’ – I swear, I did not make that up! – crashing down, literally onto our heads (oops!) and a floating hand manipulating the band like puppets, is all I could ever ask for! Plus, I can’t get enough of Muse’s dystopian universe; that burnt land that was projected through the screens in the end gave me the creeps.

All in all, I hadn’t seen anything like this before. The massive production with the excessive visual effects – which somehow don’t end up being tacky – made me feel I was part of an epic video game. And I’m not even into games! At all! But when even the confetti is shaped like little soldiers, you know how much detail and effort was put into this.

But then, when you take away all the lights and the puppets and the floating drones, all you’re left with are the songs. Some might say this album is bad but I don’t agree. It’s not as good as others, but it’s smart. And that makes it brilliant. If you pay attention to its story, you’ll know that I’m right.

And of course, there’s the glue that keeps it all together; Matthew Bellamy’s divine voice. I can’t say this enough. The only thing that could match his out-of-this-world vocals could be his guitar skills. But again, his voice is so soothing, that when he sings, nothing else exists in the world. Well, at least for me.

So that’s all I wanted to say about last night. I hope it made sense. If you managed to attend any of the shows, you’ll know what I’m talking about! If not, then hurry!


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