Is MTV finally investing in music again?

Just as I was complaining about MTV not broadcasting any music shows for the last decade or so, there comes the news that the channel is bringing MTV Unplugged back! The show’s episodes became rarer and rarer in the ‘00s but now, the time has come for a much-needed comeback.

The iconic series, which has invited all kinds of musicians and bands to perform their songs acoustically, started back in 1989. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of our favourites on the show; from Nirvana to Paramore, MTV Unplugged could not disappoint.

It’s nice to know that, finally, MTV is choosing to bring a purely music show back; besides, it’s pretty ironic for a music network to live off reality shows and anything other than music. So this could actually be a good chance for the channell to regain its long-lost identity.

According to Deadline, the network’s press release read, “The revitalized Unplugged will restore key elements that made the franchise so groundbreaking in the first place, while resetting the show in the multi-platform video world of today.” This surely sounds interesting – yet challenging.

Furthermore, MTV announced one more weekly music series. Wonderland, as it’s called, promises to combine music with comedy, featuring new songs, along with live performances and young comedians, who will present their take on popular culture.

I guess there’s still hope for MTV then. Well, if TRL returns, that will be a true surprise! Meanwhile, let’s remember some of MTV Unplugged’s greatest moments (or more like my favourites, because, frankly, the great ones are A LOT):


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