Questlove explains how Jimmy Fallon won the Roots over

The Tonight Show wouldn’t be the same without the band that gives life to all of its games and celebrity interviews; the Roots. Their drummer got to sit on the show’s guest chair this time and reminisce about their first meeting with host Jimmy Fallon.

Apparently, being on The Tonight Show did not at first look appealing to the band, given that the Roots were at a very good financial state, as Questlove recalls. However, Fallon’s spirit and determination to get them on the show was what eventually won them over.

“I was backstage doing an interview and then when I walked out my dressing room, you [Fallon] had somehow managed to convince those guys over there to get in an Eight is Enough human pyramid,” said the drummer.

“Everything that Tariq wears is like $9,000, so the fact that Tariq was on the bottom row of this human pyramid on UCLA grass… I said to my manager, ‘We’re not getting rid of this guy, are we?’ That’s when I knew.”

Questlove also talked about his new book, Something To Food About, pointing out the parallels between chefs and musicians. In the book, he interviews famous chefs in an attempt to go behind the scenes of their creative process and examine their way of thinking.


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