Jennifer Lopez shows her… sort of feminist side in new video

In what seems like a recreation of a ‘50s – sexist – ad, Jennifer Lopez prompts women to stop serving ‘their man’ and claim their rights instead. There’s just one problem; the song was produced by Kesha’s alleged rapist, Dr. Luke!

Even though Ain’t Your Mama has a dynamic vibe to it and it surely conveys a powerful message, it might take more than throwing roast on top of a man’s head or an inspiring choreographed flash mob to convince us that J. Lo. is, in fact, the female figure we need at the moment (no matter how unbelievably pretty and young she still looks).

The clip succeeds in getting across the issue of inequality between men and women through the centuries. However, what we’re seeing is clearly not enough – especially when other ‘feminist songs’, such as Beyoncé’s Formation, feel less manufactured and way more politically charged.

Ultimately, Lopez should have to accept the harsh truth; a track that is produced by a man who has caused the rage of countless of women over the last months automatically loses its ‘feministic credibility’. And unfortunately, so does its artist.


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