Good Charlotte release new pop-punk gem

I’m starting to believe that this summer will be extremely fun music-wise! Good Charlotte have just unveiled one more track off their upcoming album, Youth Authority, and it does sound youthful, upbeat and very pop punk! Just like I thought it would.

Life Changes is as old-school and nostalgic as it could be, at the same time giving us hope for the future. Life goals surely change but some of them stay the same and we might even get to see them realised one day. That’s why I’d like to see the good in those lyrics!

So when Joel Madden sings “Don’t you know that life changes, you know that love changes, the pain it rearranges, best friends become strangers” , I prefer to view this as a mature, evolutionary state rather than the death of relationships – and as a Say Anything reference, of course!

Either way, GC have managed to give us one more reason to look forward to the new album, apart from its two previously released singles, Makeshift Love and 40 oz. dream.

* Youth Authority is due for release on July 15.


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