Zac Efron recreates middle-school look, gets soaked on The Tonight Show

When Zac Efron appeared on The Tonight Show on Thursday night, I didn’t expect to see what he looked like in middle school! Not only did Jimmy Fallon present the audience with a very cute pic of Efron from back then, but the actor also recreated his eighth-grade look right before their eyes!

Apparently, some older girls at summer camp were responsible for this very weird crimped hairdo. And Fallon was more than eager to bring it back to life, offering him the ultimate crimped wig. He even got one for himself! “Does it look as good as it feels?” said Efron. It sure does!

Then, the actor played the classic ‘Water War’ game with the host, both of them wearing the hilarious wigs – which quickly got soaked, of course. While Efron appeared to be winning, Fallon ultimately took his revenge by attacking him with the water cannon! Now that’s a battle.


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