Adele is dashing in new video!

Adele’s each new music video always comes with a surprise and this time, she was up for a little dancing! The singer unveiled the clip for her latest single, Send My Love (To Your New Lover) at the Billboard Music Awards last night and, in it, she looks more stunning than ever.

Dressed in very impressive maxi floral dress, Adele advises her ex-boyfriend to treat his new lover better! There usually comes a time when you have to give up on an ex and carry on with your life. So that’s what Adele does; only probably in a more stylish outfit than we would!

What I love the most about this clip is how Adele lets herself completely free and dances along to the song, a side of hers we hadn’t seen before. Also, these other faded versions of herself in the background are very interesting to observe as she sings.

Although I am not completely in love with the song, I appreciate its truthful lyrics (I mean, we do have to “let go of all of our ghosts”) and the amazing music video. So, all in all, great work once more for Adele!


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