Miley Cyrus gives incredible performance for new NBC show

Miley Cyrus stopped by Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s new variety show Maya and Marty and introduced it in the most impressive way possible. Dressed in an elegant suit – her trousers soon changing into a sparkling leotard – the singer looked more dapper than ever!

Her performance started off with a beautiful cover of Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man, where Cyrus proved that her amazing vocals are far better than her once-upon-a-time utter craziness. She then ripped off her pants and ‘transformed’ into a woman to sing Peggy Lee’s I’m a Woman, W.O.M.A.N., where she got a little help from Rudolph herself.

Frankly, it’s nice to see this ‘new age’ of Miley, one when she gets to be sane and beautiful and put an emphasis on her voice again, rather than sticking her tongue out. It’s also a Liam-Hemsworth-by-her-side era so let’s drink to that!


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