Throwback Thursday!

Yesterday marked 12 years since the release of My Chemical Romance’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. The Ghost Of You was the first song I truly loved from the band, still holding a special place in my heart, along with Thank You for the Venom, Helena and I’m Not Okay from this album.

Released in 2004, Three Cheers pretty much introduced a whole new MCR era, after which more great records would follow. I think I’ll never get over their break-up and if I was asked to ‘revive’ a band, it would definitely be them. They had so much more to offer. But I guess we’ll never know…

Even so, it’s always nice to see this video and realise how far they’ve come, either as a band or as solo artists. Now; let’s start one more petition to bring My Chem back, and hope it works this time!

“At the end of the world, or the last thing I see
You are never coming home”


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