Good Charlotte are the last band on earth in new video

While Good Charlotte were… contemplating their future in the desert, an unforeseen catastrophe wiped the human race off the earth! At least that’s what we see in their latest video for 40 oz. Dream, taken out of their upcoming Youth Authority album.

Being the last band on earth surely seems exciting, given the boys were free to try all kinds of stupid things for this clip, which remind us why we love them in the first place. The way they’re dressed throughout most of the video is hilarious and I love how silly they all look.

Plus, this song is so far my favourite off the record, highlighting how anything old-school can bring happy memories to mind; especially the music we grew up listening to. It’s always nice to know we’re not alone on this planet, though, so that very ending of the video is kind of a relief!

Nostalgia is also what GC had in mind when they released a new single just today, along with a lyric video full of older pictures with the fans! Watch the clip on Fuse and you’ll agree that “life can’t get much better”, indeed!

* Youth Authority is set for release on July 15.


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