Kaiser Chiefs dive into the pool for new music video

I really appreciated that era of Kaiser Chiefs that went along with their 2014 album, Education, Education, Education & War; so when I heard that a new record is coming out soon, I kind of hoped for a similar sound.

The upcoming Stay Together seems fairly different from its predecessor, though, judging from this new single. Parachute is weirdly pop-ier than what we’re used to hearing from the band, although I find the whole “If we’ve only got one parachute, you know I’d give it to you” sentiment touching.

As frontman Ricky Wilson told the Nme, “When we wrote the first record we were very direct, little needed explaining. The songs seemed to speak for themselves and did all the hard work for us. ‘Parachute’ is pretty self-explanatory and a bit of a return to that. ‘Parachute’ is probably the first love song we’ve written since ‘Ruby’.”

I also very much enjoyed watching Wilson diving in the pool instead of paragliding, as one would expect from the song’s title. Plus, the clip pleasantly echoes Sum 41’s In Too Deep – in a less pop-punk/ silly way, obviously.

* Stay Together is due for release on 7 October 2016.


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