Céline Dion owns the Wheel of Musical Impressions

Sure, Ariana Grande can pull off an impeccable Céline Dion any time, but when it comes to Dion herself, it seems she knows more than a thing or two about impressions. The singer appeared on The Tonight Show and even made Jimmy Fallon jealous of her skills.

With such a unique voice, one would think that the My Heart Will Go On singer would suck at the ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’. But then of course, she proved us – and herself – totally wrong, by impersonating Cher, Rihanna and Sia with the greatest of ease.

Dion even put her own spin on Fallon’s impression of Michael Jackson, and it was flawless. Obviously, The Tonight Show host was not bad, either – because how could he ever be? When it comes to being a ‘musical impression pro’, though, Céline probably knows best.


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