Why I’m finding it hard to root for Britney

Who would’ve thought that this day would come? The day when Britney Spears would be our pop princess again, the one we once left behind to fade away along with our childhood dreams? 2007 was not a good year for Brit and the years that followed were not that great, either.

But hey, after countless bad decisions, a court-approved conservatorship and some very cheap-looking wigs, Britney has started to look like herself again. Over this past year, we’ve seen her grow again into the pop star she used to be – decent dance moves, amazing body and all.

There’s no doubt that this Britney has nothing to do with the lost woman that one Chris Crocker urged us all to leave alone in his slightly creepy and overwhelming YouTube video a few years back… If one can emerge stronger from such a low point, that’s definitely Brit. Still, why am I finding it hard to be truly excited for her otherwise admirable comeback?

First of all, there’s that awkward Carpool Karaoke, which sadly made me focus more on her touched-up lips than her singing skills. I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong there and I don’t really see the point of a plastic surgery at such a young age. Not to mention, just months ago, her mouth was perfectly normal.

Then, there’s this Make Me song, which, to me, sounds like an endless “oooh”. To be fair, there are lyrics but it’s difficult to take them seriously when it feels like they were written in the ‘00s; right when Brit semi-paused her career. (Seriously: “Just want you to raise my roof”?)

On top of it all, we had to listen to the song live on Sunday’s VMAs, where she also made an effort to remember G-Eazy’s Me, Myself & I lyrics, before desperately trying to avoid his kiss. Once again, I have to praise her dancing skills, which have undeniably progressed. But are they enough?

We probably need more of Alicia-Keys-like, inspirational poems and less of outworn music and performances. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of pop/RnB singers these days have similar tracks and maybe there’s a reason why Nicki Minaj is successful (although I am not seeing it). But Britney? I would expect so much more from our ‘90s role model.

I understand she’s come a long way, whichever way we look at it. But with empowering music out there from artists like Beyoncé, it’s slightly depressing that Britney’s label continues to build her image around cheesy music and outdated lyrics. It’s nice to know that she’s healthy and that she’s back with a killer bod and some fancy moves. I just wish she could be a female example to look up to, more in tune with 2016’s needs. Perhaps it could still happen.


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