James Corden ‘gets down’ with the Backstreet Boys

Bringing back boybands seems to be the only thing on James Corden’s mind, and who can blame him, really? But “skinny jeans, Vans and instruments” simply won’t do!

Corden wants his boybands to be the only way a real ‘90s boyband should be; matching outfits, synchronised dancing, overpriced music videos and all. And who fits perfectly into that description? Well, the Backstreet Boys, of course!

So just after announcing their 2017 Las Vegas residency – coming this March – the group appeared on The Late Late Show to give us a little preview. At some point, the host joined BSB and their iconic Everybody dance moves on stage, only adding to a flawless performance.

It does make you wonder; did they actually mean it, back in 1997, when they first sang “as long as there’ll be music, we’ll be coming back again”? I guess they did.

* Backstreet Boys’ ‘Larger Than Life’ residency starts March 1st at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Find tickets from October 1st here


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