Katy Perry votes naked in new ‘Funny Or Die’ clip

Comedy website Funny Or Die has teamed up with Katy Perry to encourage people to vote for the upcoming US presidential election. The singer appears in a clip, to support Funny Or Die’s ‘Everyone Votes’ campaign, and ends up… well, naked!

Perry points out that there is no specific dress code when it comes to voting. Everyone is allowed to come to the polls in whatever state they woke up in; whether you’re wearing a child’s onesie, an oversized t-shirt, or even if you have lollipops and popcorn stuck all over your hair like Perry herself, you’re still welcome to vote!

By briefly scanning the constitution, though, the pop star failed to understand that going to the polls naked is not an option. And so, she hilariously found herself in a police car – somehow next to an equally naked Joel McHale. Apparently, this didn’t work out well for the actor, either. So if you do vote, please remember to put on clothes. Any kind.

P.S. Madonna got jealous and also took off her clothes, in support of Hillary Clinton. See below:


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