Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick, Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Williams bring The Graham Norton Show to life

I’m very fond of The Graham Norton Show – who doesn’t love the host and his ingenious sense of humour? – but the show’s latest episode was particularly funny. Apparently, when four unrelated celebrities are invited to the same couch, some weird stuff is bound to happen.

OK, so Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake both star in the upcoming film Trolls, so no surprise chemistry there; but I’d never think that those two would be so in sync with Daniel Radcliffe and Robbie Williams, as well! Norton has proved that he can actually gather different people under one roof and put on a great show, but this was something else!

From JT dancing with the audience to Radcliffe’s ‘dead Daniel’ and Williams’ absurd castle story, this has to be one of the show’s most memorable episodes to date. I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite moment, which is why you can watch the entire thing above. You’ll usually find me posting bits and pieces of an interview, but this was so worth it.

At the very least, skip to the second half, where you will most certainly enjoy Radcliffe’s ‘geekiness’, as opposed to Williams’ total lack of shame.


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