Gilmore Girls is back with a featurette – for now

Girlmore Girls celebrated its 16-year anniversary on Wednesday (October 5) with a new, behind-the-scenes clip. The show, which ended in 2007, will be rebooting for four more episodes on Netflix, starting next month.

For now, you can reminisce on the good old Stars Hollow days and see what the cast had to say about the series while on set. Gilmore Girls was a hit, mainly thanks to its sweet, catchy and quick dialogues, which is one of the elements that made the actors love it in the first place.

Apart from the featurette, though, people living in the US had a chance to visit a ‘Luke’s Diner pop-up’, as in any of the 200 coffee shops around the country that were transformed into Luke’s iconic diner on Wednesday. These looked super real and very exciting! Obviously, people went crazy. Check out some photos via Cosmopolitan here

* Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will premiere on Netflix November 25.


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