Kelly Clarkson dances with her daughter for a good cause

Kelly Clarkson is known to be a ‘cool mum’, so when she danced to Salt-N-Pepa’s Push It next to daughter River Rose, it didn’t come as a surprise.

As you’ll notice in the clip the singer tweeted, mother and daughter are seriously into dancing, even though River is not ready to truly ‘shake it’ just yet – you know, being two and all. Obviously, though, she does not lack the enthusiasm!

Plus, all the dancing was meant for a good cause. With this tweet, Clarkson took part in the Diabetes Dance Dare to help raise money and awareness concerning the disease that affects one American every 23 seconds (according to the American Diabetes Association).

Now we’ll have to see if The Voice cast and Gwen Stefani are up for the task, having been challenged in turn by Clarkson. In the meantime, learn more about the cause and feel free to donate here


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