Emma Stone answers Vogue’s 73 questions

Just like Taylor Swift, Victoria Beckham and many others before her, Emma Stone invited Vogue to her house and answered 73, sometimes mundane and other times plain weird, questions. In any case, her answers offer a glimpse into this actress’s strange world.

From her description of Ryan Gosling as “bloodthirsty and vengeful” (it somehow makes sense!) to dressing her dog in a raincoat, this is no ordinary interview, for sure. And who knew Stone could lip sync James Corden’s version of Amazing Grace so successfully? On second thought, we have witnessed her lip-syncing skills before…

Stone’s Britney Spears impression, though, is what really makes her the queen of ‘73 Questions’; that and the little ‘non-scripted’ stint towards the end of the clip, with those women popping out of nowhere to ask questions. Very geeky, very staged and awkwardly amusing.


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