Jimmy Kimmel pranks Kanye West fans with fake Yeezy shoe

When Jimmy Kimmel decides to prank people on the street, the results are always hilarious. This time, the TV host got his inspiration from Kanye West’s Yeezy collection for adidas, and its new shoe model, which was released over the weekend.

Apparently, a pair of the ‘Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate’ costs $350 retail, but the Jimmy Kimmel Live! team managed to find a similar shoe from China Town at a much smaller price. After adding a few ‘accessories’ to make it more Kanye-like, the $14 shoe was presented to unsuspecting Kanye West fans as the hip ‘Yeezy Boost 2000’!

To be honest, the compass attached to the shoe looks pretty believable to me. If Kanye watched this clip, I bet he’s somewhere now feeling desperate and sorry that he didn’t think of it first. What makes this feature even cooler is the ‘Yeezy squeezy technology’.

As the reporter told one of the fans, “If you push the compass in, look at how the shoe kind of adjusts size to become a little bit smaller.” Magical.

But apart from the shoe’s ‘obvious’ perks noted by the fans, like how “different” and “attractive” the Yeezy Boost 2000 is, or how it makes you feel like you’re “able to jump higher” while wearing it, there are some hidden ones; like the edible laces and the suede that was “specifically designed to feel like Kim’s backside.”

I won’t be surprised if any of these appear in the next Yeezy collection.


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