Tom Cruise acts out his entire career with James Corden

If you’ve always pictured Tom Cruise as this weird Scientology guy, who’s more into religion than acting (No? Just me?), then this clip from The Late Late Show will remind you that the man has starred in a LOT of films; FYI, Top Gun has just turned 30!

So, to promote his new movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – and, sort of, return to the spotlight – Cruise acted out scenes from his entire film career in one take! Obviously, he got a little help from the hilarious James Corden and the outcome was pure fun.

From Top Gun and Cocktail to all the installments of Mission Impossible and The Last Samurai, several iconic scenes were re-enacted, in less than 10 minutes. Of course, the famous “show me the money” scene from Jerry Maguire could not be missing from the mix. Plus, Cuba Gooding Jr. made a special appearance and literally brought it to life.

* Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hits UK theatres tomorrow (October 21st).


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