Lady Gaga is the queen of Carpool Karaoke

Just when you think you’ve experienced all that Carpool Karaoke has to offer, there comes Lady Gaga. Obviously, every guest that gets inside James Corden’s car is unique, and there’s always something fun to talk and sing about. This time, though, the bar was set even higher.

Lady Gaga not only brought her amazing outfit and chill personality to The Late Late Show’s super-popular segment, but also proved what an amazing singer and songwriter she is. There probably isn’t a more fun way to ‘get to work’ than in the company of Gaga singing along to her uplifting tracks.

Plus, we got to witness some of her most iconic outfits again, this time looking somewhat funnier on Corden’s body! The host was also lucky enough to have the singer take the wheel for a while – although that did not turn out exactly the way he’d hoped…

In any case, this has to be the best Carpool Karaoke ever; otherwise, we’ll just have to accept that the show keeps getting better and better.


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