Mandy Moore admits to have contacted a pet psychic!

How many times have you wished you knew what your pet was thinking? I don’t know about you, but there are times when I’m thinking ‘If I could interpret my cat’s meow, I would certainly be a much happier person’. Sadly, that’s not possible… Or is it?

Mandy Moore appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared her ‘pet psychic experience’! The actress was so fed up with her cat crying all night, that she decided to get in touch with a pet psychic she found from a friend, and ask for help.

The psychic suggested that the cat was not actually crying, but really into singing and hearing his own voice! Plus, she said that he preferred to go by the name Figaro instead of his given one, Addison. So when Moore actually followed her advice, everything went back to normal.

No matter how crazy this sounds, I’d definitely give it a go! Ellen looked a bit skeptical, though, so after all this nonsense cat chat, she decided to focus on Moore’s new TV show, This Is US. Fair enough, but do you know where I could find the psychic’s contact number?


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