Diane Keaton talks style, wine, films and… movers on ‘Ellen’

Diane Keaton must be the most fun celeb to interview, judging from all the laughs we have every time she’s on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Once again, the actress was in good spirits, captivating the audience with her strong personality and inherently impeccable fashion sense.

Self sarcasm is one of Keaton’s most beloved traits; it’s hilarious watching her make fun of her own outfit, even though it clearly makes a fashion statement – in a chic kind of way. And then, there’s this wine, ‘The Keaton’ wine, which Ellen offers her every time she’s on the show… I wonder why she’s so reluctant to drink her own wine!

The ultimate treat of this interview, though, was the actress’s brick wall! Apparently, there’s a picture of Keaton with two young men, who were helping out with her house by… well, moving things! Although not a lot of details were given on the ‘movers’ – apart from their names – I bet something weird was going on there!

By the end of this ‘brick talk’, I’m glad Ellen got to ask the question on everyone’s minds: “How long is that wall to fit the world ‘California’ on it? Did Donald Trump build that wall?” I guess we’ll never know.


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