Jimmy Fallon really loves the Gilmore Girls!

And just as you probably thought you were Gilmore Girls’ most loyal fan, there comes Jimmy Fallon professing his love for the show.

In fact, The Tonight Show host is so excited about the upcoming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, that he’s currently binge-watching all seven seasons until the ‘reboot’ of the series this month.

To express his pure love for the show, Fallon even made a list of his top five (or is it top four?) favourite Gilmore Girls characters; besides Lorelai and Rory, of course, otherwise that would be pointless! – Was Kirk on your list as well? He’s definitely on mine!

Well, Fallon has three more seasons to watch (in only nine days!) along with the four new episodes, so his ‘top four’ could slightly change by the end. The good news is that this upcoming revival does not necessarily mark the end of this beloved show.

As Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) told Digital Spy, “The idea was for Amy [Sherman-Palladino] to get the chance to conclude the story the way she always wanted to.

“I certainly feel we answer a lot of questions in this [series] and we are delivering things to fans that maybe they wanted and didn’t get from the season seven finale. So it feels conclusive but I suppose anything is possible, and I don’t have any expectations either way.”

Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore, is not opposed to the idea of more new episodes, either.

“The people brought Gilmore Girls back so I think it’s up to the people if they think the ending feels satisfying enough,” she said. “If it does I wouldn’t want to touch it. To me it ends in a really satisfying way that could also continue… so I guess we’ll see.”

* Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is set to premiere on Netflix November 25.


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