Britney Spears and Tinashe throw a spectacular slumber party in new music video

When you hear of a slumber party, you usually think of pyjamas and movies and board games. It seems Britney Spears had something else in mind, though, when she decided to film her new music video!

The singer invited Tinashe and a whole lot of other guests to an overly sexy slumber party, the kind you’ve probably never been to before; you know, luxurious mansion, fake bubbles in the air and Britney dressed in all kinds of dazzling, glamorous costumes!

Even though Slumber Party’s lyrics are not that sophisticated – which was expected, really – I once again admired Brit’s dance moves and I love her chemistry with Tinashe in the clip. Plus, the latter’s high-pitched vocals stand out, at times even overshadowing Spears.

Two things are for sure; both singers look amazing and this is no regular slumber party!

Slumber Party is featured in Britney Spears’ album, Glory, out now.


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