‘Billy on the Street’ tells people Seth Rogen is dead and their reactions are priceless

If we’ve learned anything about 2016, is that it hasn’t been a good year celeb-wise! With so many influential people passing away over the course of these 11 months, we’ll probably be happier than ever to welcome 2017.

Billy Eichner decided to point out the irony of losing so many famous people in just one year in his own funny way. The hilarious ‘Billy on the Street’ pranked passerbyers, telling them Seth Rogen has died; when, in fact, the actor was just standing next to him disguised as a cameraman!

As expected, some people were really shocked to hear the news, while others had no clue who Seth Rogen is! Most of them were even more surprised – and relieved – to see Rogen reveal himself in the end. In any case, Eichner does prove his point: it’s always nice for an actor (or anyone, really) to hear people’s praises of them before it’s too late!



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