Madonna does Carpool Karaoke and she’s weirdly amusing

When I saw the trailer of The Late Late Show with Madonna as Carpool Karaoke’s latest guest, it didn’t seem that appealing… I mean, sure, she did twerk from inside the car, but, still, it didn’t look very interesting.

Then, of course, I was totally wrong! It turns out Madonna was absolutely hilarious in the segment and it was nice seeing her revisit some of her oldest hits, like Vogue, Papa Don’t Preach and Express Yourself. It’s impressive how these songs still hold up today.

What really took me by surprise, though, is how funny Madonna is and, apparently, that’s what she’s also looking for in a man.

“You have to have a sense of humour and understand my sense of humour, otherwise we are dead in the water,” she told James Corden, before going on to praise him for being funny, but also criticise his fashion sense! You can’t have everything, I guess…


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