She & Him release cutest video ever for ‘Winter Wonderland’

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have proved that they love Christmas, perhaps even more than they love covering the classics. After She & Him’s 2011 album, A Very She & Him Christmas, the talented duo have just released one more record full of beloved Christmas tunes.

Winter Wonderland is the first single off Christmas Party, and Deschanel has put her own spin on a holiday classic once more. Apart from her amazing vocals, the track features Jenny Lewis, and the outcome is magical.

But still, that’s not the most interesting part; the music video is too cute to handle, showing three adorable pugs dressed in all kinds of Christmas outfits, revisiting the history of holiday style through distinct trends.

From classic red coats to top hats and old-fashioned caroler costumes, those pugs look good in anything! I seriously can’t stop watching.


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