Joshua Jackson is single but has the ‘right’ kind of underwear to make up for it!

In case you were wondering, Joshua Jackson recently split up from his long-time partner (of 10 years, to be exact!), actress Diane Kruger. But when you’re out of the singles’ zone for too long, you’re definitely in the dark in terms of dating ‘advances’.

The actor admitted that a lot has changed since the time he used to date, the obvious one being apps and all this online revolution that now forces us to be wary when someone happens to talk to us in person. It’s come to a point where it’s virtual dating or no dating at all.

But even though Jackson hasn’t figured out online dating just yet, he has certainly made a name for himself as one of the less dressed people on TV; which could definitely help him get back in the game!

So when Ellen DeGeneres presented the audience with the ‘piece of wardrobe’ Jackson has to wear for the TV show The Affair, it’s pretty obvious he needs no apps to find his next girlfriend! Plus, Ellen’s made her own very questionable Christmas version of this – sort of – underwear and it’s mind-blowing, in a sense… Enjoy.


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