Lady Gaga unveils emotional video for ‘Million Reasons’

Ever since the release of Lady Gaga’s album Joanne a couple of months ago, I’ve come to realise that this must be the singer’s most personal record to date; hence its title, which is also one of her middle names.

Apart from the mellow Joanne single and the debut, dynamic but also sentimental, Perfect Illusion, Million Reasons has now been added to the list of – what seems to be – Lady Gaga’s ‘memoir songs’. The track is clearly an ode to her personal relationships and, perhaps, even to ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney himself, who could be her “one good [reason] to stay”.

I also love how the clip picks up from the ending of Perfect Illusion, with Gaga lying in the desert, and then her friends arriving to console her. Again, this seems to be echoing her break-up from Kinney. Plus, Gaga’s already iconic ‘Joanne attire’ – pink suit, cowboy hat and all – matches perfectly the subtle country vibe of the song.



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