Neil Patrick Harris answers Vogue’s 73 questions

Vogue’s ‘73 Questions’ series is always entertaining, if only for the amazing celeb houses we get to visit virtually for a few minutes. So now, Neil Patrick Harris has welcomed Vogue to his house to answer some interesting and some intrusive questions, as one does.

First of all, how cool is Harris’s New York home? I mean, this must be my favourite out of all the ones featured on ‘73 Questions’ so far. From an impressive art collection (including a Banksy exhibit from Dismaland) to a sophisticated bar and a crazy memorabilia room, this house has it all – even the actual booth the gang from How I Met Your Mother sat in!

But it’s the actor’s kind presence that obviously brings his home – and this interview – to life. Seeing him talk about his kids and his inspirations, giving advice to America and rapping Hamilton’s My Shot were only some of the video’s great moments.

And even though he’s not fond of magic tricks, Harris clearly does not need them! Plus, did you see that popcorn machine? Or the piano? Or David? Best ‘73 Questions’ ever.


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