London Grammar welcome the New Year with a new heartfelt ballad

Do you know how I know 2017 will be a good year? Because it started with a London Grammar song. The band released a new track on New Year’s Eve and it’s as mesmerising as you might imagine.

London Grammar hadn’t released new music since their debut 2013 album If You Wait, and Rooting For You sounds like the perfect comeback single. Frontwoman Hannah Reid’s vocals are chilling once more, and the lyrics feel more sincere than ever.

“I’d love to always love you but I’m scared of loneliness when I’m alone with you” sings Reid, and it’s probably one of the most beautiful, yet depressing, truths someone in a doomed relationship could speak.

The live version of the song really highlights Reid’s amazing voice, while the extremely talented trio have also released the studio, less stripped-down version of Rooting For You on Spotify (listen below).


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