Ed Sheeran unveils two new songs off his upcoming album

We’re only a week into 2017 and new songs keep popping up one after the other. Ed Sheeran is never one to miss out, even though he had recently announced a social media hiatus. But now he’s back and he seems more into it than ever!

The musician released not one, but two brand new tracks off ÷(Divide), his upcoming album. The first one is a nostalgic tune, like the ones we’re used to hearing from him. The beautiful Castle On The Hill is dedicated to his hometown, Suffolk, and his younger years in England.

Shape of You, the second single Sheeran released today, has a much different, more upbeat vibe to it. In any case, both tracks sound equally amazing. That’s definitely a good sign about how the entire album is going to be!

Sheeran premiered the two songs on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, where he also performed an acoustic version of Castle On The Hill. 2017 is looking great so far – and it’s only January!


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