Casey Affleck did not thank his brother at the Golden Globes – and Ben did not like it!

Ben Affleck’s brother, Casey, won the ‘Best Actor in a Drama’ Golden Globe Award on Sunday night, for his performance on Manchester by the Sea. But even though he did thank a lot of people in his speech, there was one person who felt a bit left out.

Ben Affleck appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and admitted that his brother didn’t include him in his acceptance speech. “He thanked a shit load of people, Jimmy, I gotta tell you the truth!” he said, before adding he “was a little taken aback” when he didn’t hear his own name.

To make matters worse, Kimmel showed the video of Ben winning an Oscar back in 1997, when he’d thanked Casey, as well as a video of Eli Manning thanking his brother when he won the Super Bowl; to which Affleck, by this point fed up, yelled, “And they hate each other!”

Well, there’s always a way to get back at your little brother, and that’s by listing all the weird stuff he’s done – that no one should ever know – on live TV! When Kimmel noted this year’s Oscars could mark the first time two brothers win in separate categories at the same time, Ben was quick to list a few more other ‘firsts’ that this victory would mark.

“[It would be] the very first time someone would win an Oscar who didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14,” he said. “This would be historic in many ways.” And the embarrassing list went on and on… Well played!


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