Green Day unveil politically-charged ‘Troubled Times’ clip

It was about time Green Day released a song with a political angle – the band have openly discussed their anti-Trump views on several occassions.

Troubled Times, off the band’s latest Revolution Radio album, aims to do just that; remind people that President-elect Donald Trump can only mean trouble for the United States. Furthermore, the song came out just in time for Martin Luther King Day, honouring the late activist’s memory.

Even though I love frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s voice and I am totally down with the sentiment behind the track, I sort of feel that they could do better. I mean, besides stating the obvious, I’m not so sure Troubled Times has something special to offer Green Day fans music-wise.

But while there could obviously never be a second American Idiot, I still find the clip for the song inspiring in times like these and very well put together – especially for a lyric video. I guess I expected the music to be a bit more ‘revolutionary’, just as the title of the record suggests…


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