Kate Hudson tries ‘toddlerography’ with James Corden

They say that running around with your kids can be the best workout and I bet James Corden had his own kids in mind when he decided to create this hilarious segment for The Late Late Show. The host has invited several guests to his made-up ‘toddlerography class’ so far and the outcome is always super funny.

So if you thought your gym instructor was too much, wait till you see this! After Jenna Dewan Tatum, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jason Derulo, Kate Hudson was the next in line to be taught how to dance by cute toddlers. And, I must say, she did a pretty amazing job, considering these ‘instructors’ “made The Rock cry!” according to Corden.

It’s really surprising how the actress managed to follow the kids’ crazy moves and still look flawless; then again, her Fabletics pair of leggings did help! Hudson was also kind enough to share some of her own workout moves while on the show, which possibly made some of the other guests slightly uncomfortable (see below).


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