Pink tries to explain ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’’s theme song

Song lyrics can sometimes be confusing. You know, like the time you misheard that Taylor Swift lyric – in case you still haven’t heard, there are no ‘Starbucks lovers’, just a long list of ex lovers.

But don’t worry, Ellen DeGeneres is not that great with lyrics, either! Remember when she somehow managed to mess up JT’s Can’t Stop the Feeling a couple of months ago? (To be fair, that lyric did sound a lot like “just electric”!)

So now, the host decided to dig a little deeper and get to know the lyrics to… well, her own show’s theme song! It seems she hasn’t been paying much attention to The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s opening tune of two years, but better late than ever, right?

In fact, she had some legit questions to ask concerning the lyrics, and who better to discuss them with than the song’s writer? Surprisingly, Pink is the one who wrote Today’s The Day, and so Ellen had no other option but to call the singer and have her clear some things up.

“I get so vicious when I don’t feel delicious” is probably the lyric that confused Ellen the most – and all of us for that matter – but Pink revealed it’s her favourite, so no arguing there!

She might still need to come up with a new theme pretty soon, though, as per Ellen’s requests!


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