Matthew McConaughey talks gaining weight and… cobras!

If one knows how to transform into someone totally different for a movie, that’s definitely Matthew McConaughey. Having previously dropped 30 pounds to play HIV-positive Ron Woodroof in Dallas Byers Club, the actor had to change his appearance once more for his role in the film Gold.

McConaughey gained 47 pounds in just six months, and even though it sounds a bit awful, he actually loved the experience. Talking to Jimmy Kimmel about it, he explained how fun it was eating pizza all the time! He basically lived by one mantra: “Any desire, you must say ‘yes’, and if you think twice about it, you must have double.” Sounds fair to me!

Apart from eating, though, McConaughey got to spend time in Thailand during filming – as if eating pizza every day wasn’t exciting already! But he’s not one of those tourists who stick to the basics. Nope; he had to get into a cobra pit just for the “the buzz” of it! And, it turns out, it really is as unsafe as it sounds.


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