Johnny Galecki and Sting share their ghost stories

We’ve all heard people tell ghost stories from time to time and some are scarier than others. Then again, it all depends on how chill you are as a person. And it seems Johnny Galecki and Sting are pretty cool when it comes to ghosts, even though they are actually living with them!

Sting revealed to James Corden that he lives in a 16th-century manor house in Stonehenge, England, and, as he pointed out, “If you haven’t got a ghost at a 16th-century manor house you need one!” – which somehow makes total sense. So, apparently, it came as no surprise to Sting and his wife when they found a woman with a baby standing in their bedroom in the middle of the night.

But this one-time supernatural experience sounds like a tiny incident compared to Johnny Galecki’s seriously haunted house. It turns out The Big Bang Theory actor has been happily living with ghosts the whole time! But as Galecki sees it, they can “all be roomies” in his 150-year-old “very inhabited” cabin.

As long as everyone follows some established rules, that is. One of those is ‘never talk about the ghosts inside the house’. Corden did not seem to like that rule, but I’m with Galecki on that one! I mean, you clearly don’t want to upset them in any way, so it might be best to keep your mouth shut…

Oh the boring lives we lead.


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