All Time Low sound nothing like before in comeback single ‘Dirty Laundry’

All Time Low’s Future Hearts album was a departure from their previous work, but now the band appear to have pushed the envelope even further.

No matter how much I adore the Future Hearts sound, I get why they would want to try new things and constantly reinvent themselves. Dirty Laundry is the proof of that, bringing to the surface a more mature and clearly darker side of them that I never thought could exist.

With a band name so pessimistic, it’s surprising how optimistic and fun most All Time Low songs have been so far. But not this one. Dirty Laundry is deep and secretive and just the right amount of dark that’s been missing from their music. But through all its new synth vibe and personal lyrics, the track is still All Time Low at its core; only at its most soulful.

As frontman Alex Gaskarth told Alternative Press, “We always like to keep things hopeful, and that’s become kind of a staple in All Time Low – having a positive take [in our] records. But I think we definitely go a little bit darker than we ever have, lyrically and content-wise, which is fun because it can be therapeutic.”

The band was also recently signed to Fueled By Ramen, which already predicts a great record. This should be interesting!

(I am loving this clip, by the way.)


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