A round of ‘The Bandmate Game’ proves Linkin Park are the worst bandmates

Linkin Park have been together as a band for more than 20 years, but it seems that still isn’t enough for them to actually know one another. Brad, Chester and Mike played a round of The Bandmate Game on The Late Late Show and it turned out to be pretty disappointing!

You’d think Chester and Mike would know which LP member Brad would pick to bail him out if he ever got locked up in jail. But contrary to their conviction, it wasn’t Chester himself; it was actually Rob.

And Mike doesn’t sing Barry White when he’s feeling sensual in the shower. Instead, his go-to song would be Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing! I just love how he thinks Johnny Depp would be a fitting choice to play him in a movie, though. Confident much?

To be honest, some of the questions appeared to be slightly more difficult, like Chester’s favourite underwear. It would probably be too weird for Brad and Mike to know that one, especially when the answer was the “white with red roses and black barbed wire”.

Then again, it’s the little things that show the bandmates communicate… Thank God for Brad’s pyjamas that sort of saved the day!


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