Chester Bennington and Kiiara face their demons in new Linkin Park clip

Linkin Park released a brand new track last month and it became clear that their upcoming record will be much different from their previous work. Heavy, featuring Kiiara, doesn’t sound that metal for an LP ballad, and we can probably ‘blame’ Kiiara’s haunting vocals for that.

Whether you like this new shift in sound or not, frontman Chester Bennington’s characteristic voice reminds us the song is still very much Linkin Park. Plus, there’s now an amazing video to make you fall in love with Heavy, even if you’re a die-hard ‘00s LP fan.

Bennington and Kiiara basically try to figure out the reason why ‘everything is so heavy’ via group therapy sessions and deep contemplation throughout the clip. It’s quite interesting seeing Bennington literally fight himself, although I’m pretty sure we’ve seen that sort of thing in clips before. (In some cases it was not great.)

Don’t worry, Kiiara is there to help in the end.

* Linkin Park’s album, One More Light, is due for release on May 19th.


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