Ed Sheeran teams up with Kurupt FM crew in hilarious sketch for Comic Relief

Ed Sheeran has collaborated with the guys from Kurupt FM – the pirate radio station that BBC comedy People Just Do Nothing centres on – for a great cause. The singer is helping raise funds for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, through a funny sketch and a new single coming up on March 24.

The first part of the bit has already surfaced and it’s downright hilarious! In it, Kurupt FM’s garage DJs and crew gather in the studio, ready to collaborate with a big “urban artist”, who is none other than Ed Sheeran; or Ed Sheerer, as they mistakenly call him, just after – also mistakenly – assuming he’s a studio employee.

Apparently, no one seems to get Ed’s talent, which results in phrases like “I’m just trying to think of the way that could make it less shit” (‘the way’ then being to bring garage to Africa) or fair questions like “What sort of life have you had?” and “OK, so Africans can’t be ravers now?”

I can’t wait to hear what they ultimately come up with, as well as see the entire sketch on March 24.


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