All Time Low celebrate young love in new clip

Following the somewhat gloomy Dirty Laundrywhich served as the lead single of their upcoming album, All Time Low are back with a happier tune.

The band have now released Last Young Renegade, telling the tale of two young ‘rebels’ in love. The track has that summery, nostalgic vibe going on, echoing some of All Time Low’s previous hopeful songs like The Reckless And The Brave – only, now, in a more mature, evolved way.

Last Young Renegade sets the tone of the album that ultimately took its name. But, initially, the track wasn’t even meant to be included in it.

“At first, I didn’t even know if this would go on the album!” frontman Alex Gaskarth told Alternative Press. “It didn’t dawn on us until later that there was this story forming and that ‘Last Young Renegade’ could be such a cool piece of what the record was about.”

“From a lyrical standpoint, that one sets up the characters,” he added. “It became really obvious after a while, like, ‘Oh yes, this is track one.’”

And thank God they did include it in the record because it’s great, as it’s the music video going along with it. Judging from both Last Young Renegade and Dirty Laundry, I’m assuming we can only expect good things to come from the new album.

* Last Young Renegade is due for release on June 2.


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