Jason Segel chooses ‘walking videos’ over selfies every time!

These days, it’s not only about randomly meeting celebs and feeling excited about it. It’s not about getting them to sign on a piece of paper (or clothing), either. Instead, it’s all about the selfie.

But, as Jason Segel pointed out, the urge to take a selfie probably comes from our need to prove to friends that we actually met that person, rather than wanting to immortalise that specific moment with them. And so, the actor revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he recently invented a different kind of ‘proof’ medium for his fans.

Instead of taking a selfie, he simply asks them to walk with him while he’s filming the whole thing. The ‘walking video’, as he calls it, serves as undeniable evidence that the fan met the celebrity and it’s way more interactive. In most cases, though, Segel chooses to stay silent along the walk, which might creep some people out! Still, pretty hilarious.


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