Blake Shelton takes the ‘Race Through New York’ tour with Jimmy Fallon

It’s always fun watching Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon’s adventures on The Tonight Show – remember when Shelton was forced to eat sushi, or that time Fallon tried to milk a cow? Well, the two of them have done it again. Only this time, Shelton was in for a wild ride.

The country singer joined the host on his new tour, Race Through New York. It’s basically a tour at the Universal Studios and The Tonight Show’s set on NBC, which ends with a virtual ride around New York. And it would all have been totally fun, were it not for that exact ride!

After being completely dissatisfied with the entire tour experience and criticising Fallon’s every move – to be fair, If I’m Honest did not sound like an actual song – Shelton put on his 3D glasses and ‘raced’ through the city and all the way back to the studios on a virtual roller coaster.

So, as it turns out, The Voice coach hates roller coasters, which explains all the sweating. Commenting on the ride while on the show, he said, “That’s pretty damn close to being a roller coaster… I’m not kidding, I thought I was gonna throw up.”

But then Fallon revealed an older photo of Shelton with a very questionable haircut and suddenly his fear of virtual, or normal, roller coasters was not the issue anymore.


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