Steve Martin teaches Stephen Colbert how to be a comedian

Have you seen these online masterclasses by Hollywood actors that have been going around lately? I happened to stumble upon Kevin Spacey giving acting lessons and it really took me by surprise. First of all, I wouldn’t want to be taught by Spacey (hey, that’s just me!), and second, isn’t it weird for such a successful and famous actor to teach online?

But it does happen, and it’s not only Spacey. These masterclasses are really everywhere these days. Which is probably why Stephen Colbert decided to take one himself, taught by Steve Martin. And even though it was totally fake in this case, it seemed totally worth it! Who wouldn’t want to learn a thing or two from Martin anyway?

Before starting the session, the actor requested some ‘standard’ personal information from the host, to get it “out of the way”: his credit card number, social security number, maiden name, name of first pet and a urine sample! It makes absolute sense. After all, “the company needs it”. Apart from the urine sample; that was for him.

Martin then ‘miraculously’ appeared next to Colbert and tried to teach him everything he knows about comedy. With a few tips based on his own posture and way of talking, it’s safe to say “the student has become the master”. Perhaps we should all try it then!


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