Yellowcard say goodbye with one last music video

Last June, Yellowcard announced they’d be breaking up following their self-titled album (released in September) and a farewell tour. As the tour has now come to an end, the band decided to say goodbye with one last, heartfelt clip.

The music video for A Place We Set Afire clearly serves as homage to Yellowcard’s almost two-decade presence in the industry as well as a ‘thank you note’ to their devoted fans. The track is super emotional and loud, just like most Yellowcard songs are.

During the band’s last show in Anaheim, California, frontman Ryan Key closed the night with a speech expressing his gratitude to the fans. “Each and every one of you deserves a personal thank you from us,” he said. “I wish we had time to do that but you know how much we love you and you know how much we’re going to miss you.

“From all of us here, from anyone who’s ever been a part of this band, worked for this band, behind this band, we are all so grateful to you for your love and support… It is now time that we say thank you for almost two decades of rock and roll”.

It’s always nice getting a goodbye speech – even more so a goodbye tour – from your favourite band before they break up for good… Perhaps My Chemical Romance should reconsider? It’s never too late for a goodbye.


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